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Find out the best way to get to Tanjil Bren. Listed below are lots of interesing places to visit along the way.

map of Melbourne to Tanjil Bren

Click here to print a large detailed map (jpg) - map_mhl.jpg (362 KB)
How to get there.
Before Arriving:  Please ring or SMS Courtney and Simon on 0459 584 708 to let them know what time approximately you will be arriving so they can be on the look out and get your house warm for you in Winter.  Click on the "A" in the map to get directions to Tanjil Bren from where you are.

View GOOGLE maps     To get directions on how to get to Tanjil Bren from where you are.

If using a GPS put address as 51 Tramline Road Tanjil Bren. Melways map reference is page 628 C5. It takes 2 hours and 5 mins from the corner of South Rd and Nepean Hwy, 2 hours 20 mins from the City once you are on the M1 freeway, 2 hours 45 mins from Tullamarine Airport, 2 hours from Monbulk going through Yarra Junction. This is without stopping. Add extra time to stop for fuel, food and sightseeing.

1) When in Melbourne find the fastest way onto the Monash freeway which will take you to the Princes Highway.

2) Take the Princes Hwy (M1) towards Warragul. If you were at the Burnley Tunnel end of the Monash Freeway, it takes one hour 20 mins to get to the Drouin turn off. It then takes another hour from the Drouin turn off to Tanjil Bren. This is only if you do not stop at all.

3) Continue on through to Pakenham. Go past the turn off for Nar Nar Goon and you will pass the Berry Farm at Garfield on the left.

4) Next you will go past the Lavender Farm, then the Barn (farm produce) on your left.

5) Next on your left is the Bruce Clough Motors Service Station. You can no longer access this Station as the freeway bypasses it now. Not much further along on the left there is a Caltex Service Station. This is the best place to stop for fuel as there is not much after this and none after you leave Noojee.

Mt Baw Baw

Stop here for fuel but before you think of stopping here for food and drink, see directions below to The Harvest Kitchen at Jindivick. This is a much better place to stop for food and drink, unless it's night time and The Harvest Kitchen will be closed. Turn left down Sand Rd, just after the Caltex service Station on the highway and follow the signs to Jindivick. Then after stopping at The Harvest Kitchen follow the signs to Neerim South and continue on to Tanjil. This is a much more interesting and beautiful way to Tanjil which brings you back onto the main Rd to Tanjil at Neerim South. If you stay on the freeway you will then see the brown sign which says "Alpine Resort Mt Baw Baw next left".

Drouin / Neerim South / Mt Baw Baw

The next sign you will see for the Tanjil Bren turn off is "Drouin / Neerim South / Mt Baw Baw exit 1 km".

Drouin / Neerim South / Mt Baw Baw

Then you will come to the sign at the turn off for "Drouin / Neerim South / Mt Baw Baw". Turn left here. (You will then follow the C426 road right through to Tanjil Bren).

Take another left going up the road you will see the Robin Hood Motel on your right where you then take another right-hand turn towards Mt Baw Baw (C426).

6) From this point onwards follow the C426 road towards Mt Baw Baw.  The next town you get to is Neerim South. Here you will find the Neerim South Bakehouse and other shops should you need supplies.

7) From there you will come to Neerim Junction and then down a very steep hill coming to the Trout Farm on your left before getting to the town of Noojee (C426).

8) From Noojee it takes approx. 35 minutes to get to Tanjil Bren (C426). It is from here that the road becomes very winding as it twists and turns steeply up the mountain and through the forest. Once you get to Icy Creek it is 20 minutes from there (C426).

9) On arriving at Tanjil Bren you will see the village sign (right-hand side). Continue on past seven houses and you will see the Tanjil Lodge on your right. The road bends around to the left and you take a sharp left here off the main Baw Baw road. On your left you will see the public toilets and a public telephone. Continue straight ahead about 70 metres and you will see a sign to Scotty's track. Turn right here then immediately left into Jenny's Lodge driveway. Park in the driveway and walk up to Del's Hall via pathway. You have arrived at Reception. Our Managers Courtney and Simon will look after you from here and take you to your Lodge.


Click here to print a large detailed map of Tanjil Bren - tanji_bren_map.pdf

In case of emergency and failing to contact the Lodge Managers, ring Del on 0419 669 937, Jenny 0411 486 390, Del and Jenny at home 03 9592 3488 or Del and Jenny in Tanil 03 5621 0175.

In the unlikley case that a tree falls across the road and blocks your path ring Vic Roads on 13 11 71. Tell them where the tree or blockage is and they will send someone from Quality Roads to clear it. There are phone boxes at Noojee, Icy Creek and Tanjil. Mobiles work intermintantly on the Mt. Baw Baw road.


Garfield Berry Farm

berry farm

This is highly recommended. Great place to stock up on local produce at low prices. They have fruit, vegies, meat, great fruit juice drinks (try the energy one with ginger). This place is like a good old country Supermarket with old time friendly service. You can see the orchards next door.

Lot 1, Princes Highway, Garfield. 03 5629 2520

Open daily 7 days week 8am – 6.30pm. Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day and Good Friday


Harvest Kitchen Cafe Bar & Providore at Jindivick.

Jack and Jindivick
We highly recommend on your way up to Tanjil that you stop at Jindivick. We much prefer coming this way than going on the freeway. It takes 3 minutes less and the road is way more scenic and incredibly beautiful. So whether you come during the day or night it makes for a good place to stop for a break. The view really is amazing, the place is of the highest standard and the owners down right hospitable. Hard to find these sort of places and no they didn't pay me to say this. Be impressed.

Candalarine Alpaca Product Shop

This is another great place to stop on the way to Tanjil Bren, if you want to be amused by animals with crazy haircuts. These Alpacas are really cool dudes and friendly too. They are just outside Neerim South on the left hand side. Go check out the shop they have lovely stuff. Lots more detail on their Web site

2035 Main Neerim Road, Neerim South, Victoria Australia  Ph. 03 5628 1718

Copyright Photo courtesy June Orford This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Alpine Trout Farm

How much fun is this place. Young and old will delight in catching and feeding the fish. Ask for a bag of pellets and watch the fish go into a feeding frenzy eating it. Best value entertainment I've seen in a long time. The fishing is good too, much easier than in the river for those without fishing skills. They sell both trout and salmon. Both are also available smoked and very tasty. Have a look at their web site for all the details. They are just before you get into Noojee about 1 and a 1/2 hours drive from Melbourne, a great place to stop stretch your legs and have some fun. Highly recommended.

Alpine Trout Farm

Neerim South Bakehouse & Cafe, 45 mins from Tanjil

Another highly recommended place. Cakes, pies, bread and check out the apple turnovers with cream.

Main Road, Neerim South. 03 5628 1341

Open 9am – 5pm weekdays, Saturday /Sunday 8am – 3pm.

Closed Christmas Day, New Years Day, 2nd January and Good Friday.

Genuine wood fired oven (1880), large variety of specialty breads, pies and pasties.

Neerim South Supermarket, "FOOD WORKS" 45 mins from Tanjil

If you forgot something the supermarket in Neerim South has most things including local produce and is very good value as well.

Ada River Vineyard, 50 mins from Tanjil

2330 Main Neerim Road, Neerim South. 03-5623 1342

Open 10am-6pm weekends and public holidays.

Never been. Maybe someone can comment. Jan Bedlington says it's great. Expert wine drinker.

The Trestle Bridge, 37 mins from Tanjil

Just near Noojee is a great spot to make a 100yd detour and see this huge timber logging bridge. The bridge, probably built in 1919, is 102m long and 20m high. It is said to be one of the largest of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. It was rebuilt in 1939, Run up one side, go across the bridge and down the other side to get the blood circulating again after sitting in the car from Melbourne. The 2 little dots in the middle is us.

trestle bridge

The Pub at Noojee, 35 mins from Tanjil

The Noojee Hotel is open 6 days a week, for meals. (lunch 12pm - 2pm dinner 6pm - 8pm) They specialise in a wonderful $12.50 traditional roast on Sundays open all day from 12 midday til 8 pm. They also have fortnightly liquor specials through the bottle shop located at the main bar. The lounge and bar area's have open wood fire and in the warmer months they open the balcony doors to take in the best river view in Noojee.

Over the coming months they have a variety of Live music.

Noojee Pub

The Outpost Tool Shed Bar, 35 mins from Tanjil

If you don’t feel like cooking this place is not far away. Follow the signs in Noojee, it’s just great. Very rustic, that’s how we like things. You will get a fantastic meal here. I have never been disappointed yet. Not only will you get a great dinner, but the bar is thick with atmosphere and has some locals that blend in perfectly with the rusty old artefacts on the walls..

The Tool Shed Bar is open 7 days, 6 to 8.30 for dinner and 12 to 2.30 for lunch, no bookings required.

Torrongo falls, 40 mins from Tamjil

A great excursion only 35 minutes from Tanjil. Please follow these links for more information.  It's a short walk from the car park and worth seeing as well as getting you and the kids some exercise.


Torrongo Falls

Historical Mining Town Walhalla, 1 hour from Tanjil

This is a great days outing. Walhalla is a classic old gold mining town and very interesting. Lots of the original old houses are still there and many have been restored. The Long Tunnel mine offers guided tours down an old gold mine. See below. I can highly recommend it, good fun for everyone. This place has lots of history and well worth the visit.

Walhalla information:


Long Tunnel Extended Mine

Take a guided tour deep underground to see the original workings of the Long Tunnel Extended Gold Mine (LTEM), one of Walhalla's richest mines. The mine was started as the Hercules United Gold Co. in 1863, but when this mine failed, it was taken over by the Long Tunnel Extended Company in 1871. It was simply fate that when the Hercules Mine hit Cohens reef (the main gold-bearing reef in Walhalla) they turned left and found nothing. When the mine was taken over by the LTEM they turned right at Cohens Reef and hit extensive reserves of gold. Very much worth the visit. I did it twice now and would do it again.

long tunnel extended mine