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There is a huge variety of activities for you at Tanjil Bren or Mt Baw Baw. Whether it is skiing, walking, fishing, bike riding, exploring the tourist spots or just taking in the peaceful atmosphere, there is something for everyone. Also check out the MAPS section for "Places of interest along the way" for things to do on the way up or back.

Skiing / Snowboarding

Mt Baw Baw ski village is only 20 minutes from our ski Lodges to the top car park. This is a very convenient Ski Resort for Tanjil Bren. It is a no fuss ski resort with easy access to the ski slopes. It has 7 lifts and numerous runs. It is great Skiing for Families, snow boarders and cross country skiing at economical prices.
Follow this link to go directly to their site Mt Baw Baw home page
Follow this link to view ski trail map Mt Baw Baw ski and walking trail map


Chains can be hired at Tanjil Lodge if your going up the mountain. At Baw Baw you can hire skis and toboggans if required. If you would like a free toboggan from us, please just ask.

Click this link below to see the snow conditions on Mt Baw Baw.




Tanjil River water fall

There are many interesting walks to explore. A great local walk is to take the road below Moosehead Lodge to the right and follow it all the way to the waterfall. It will take about 1 hour 20 mins from Tanjil. You will arrive at a bridge across a waterfall, which is magnificent, and worth seeing. Just before the water fall is a road to the right which goes up steeply for 30 metres then goes round and up and down for some half hour before coming out at Saxtons Rd which is well cleared and takes you straight back to Tanjil. The whole trip takes about four hours if you stop for lunch. A great walk! You don't need to go all the way to the waterfall. Any distance you want to go will be enjoyable and provide great views.

IMG 9987 resize


Tanjil river

Another very pleasant walk is to go down the main road to the Tanjil river. This is a delightful walk along the river and very easy to do. You can spot trout swimming in the pools and occasionaly platypus. By the time you have got to the third bridge, the one on the main road included, it will have taken 45 minutes from Tanjil. This is as far as the best part of waking along the river goes. After the third bridge the track winds it's way gently up hill and after about 10 mins does a u turn to the left. Just a 100 metres further on the left is the only remaining cottage from what was a small township in this area. If you then follow the track another 90 metres it does another u turn to the right. At this point go straight on through a clearing and you will find the remains of an old road going into the bush. Follow this another 90 metres or so and if it's possible, blackberries permitting, go to the right and all through the bush here are the remains of a long ago township. The walk to the cottage from Tanjil will take about 1 hour there and another hour back.

Tanjil river

Saxtons Road

Then there is the walk up Saxtons Rd. This will take you through the forest and past some magnificent sweeping views. The road winds its way gently up the mountain through several areas where logging has taken place. If you follow the main part of this road you eventually come to, after about one hours walking, a place where the road virtually turns into a track and becomes quite narrow. At this point a car can go no further [if you have decided to drive here]. Walking now becomes a bit harder but it is still accessible and after only 10 minutes you will find yourself at an old logging town and sawdust pile. Today there is nothing left of the houses and mill. You will find on the ground remnants of habitation like old beds, shoes, pots and pans etc. The view from the top of the sawdust pile down to the river is beautiful. However, snakes live in the sawdust pile and come out to sunbathe when it's hot. We have been there plenty of times and as long as you look out there's no problem. You may also get the occasional leech in the bush so carry a cigarette lighter or salt to get them off, don't pull them off as the bite can then become infected.

Tanjil Bren Village

The walk around the village is also fun and interesting to see all the old houses. Check out the old sawdust pile, the fire escape dugout, the old mill workers cottages down Mill Rd and the dam at the top end of the village.

Mt Baw Baw

In summer or winter going up to Mt Baw Baw and having a walk around the Ski Resort is also interesting and fun for everyone. A really delightful short walk is up to the summit at Mt Baw Baw, then back via the summit trail, takes about an hour. If you are more adventurous then you can walk over to Mt St Gwinear, look at the trail map for details. The views up there are spectacular. Click here for map Mt Baw Baw ski and walking trail map

water fall

Trial Bike Riding & Four Wheel Driving

There are many great tracks all around Tanjil Bren for both types of recreation. There is only one rule about trail bike riding at Tanjil. Pease don’t ride your trail bike around Tanjil Village. It’s very easy to get straight out of town on one of the many interesting tracks.



The local Tanjil River from the bridge upstream offers excellent rainbow and brown trout fishing. Spinning, worm and fly fishing will all produce excellent results if you are good enough. Recently an enormous flood cleared the river of fallen trees and branches leaving lots of pools ideal for fishing. If you want adventure fishing follow the main road back towards Noojee about 1 km from the bridge and go down to the river. It’s a fight to get down there but the fishing is great. Take supplies of food as it takes 6 to 8 hours to walk back upstream to the bridge. This is not fishing for the faint hearted, you will find yourself walking along the edge of sheer drops into the river and climbing here there and every where to make your way back upstream. Good fishing can also be found at the Blue Rock dam, Aberfeldy, Thompson and Tyers rivers about an hours drive from Tanjil. Fresh water crayfish can also be caught in the Christmas Creek and Tyers River an hours drive from Tanjil.


Giant in the Forest

This enormous tree is only 150 metres from Reindeer Lodge behind the dam. Estimated at being 300 years old, this is a wonderful example of our old forest. There are several other "BIG TREES" in the area, just ask Del how to find them.

giant tree

Crystal Pits

Take Saxtons Rd out of Tanjil Bren. It’s about 15 minutes by car and is the second turn off to the right. It will take about ¾ of an hour to walk. It is the most beautiful scenic trip there. Firstly through the dense forest which opens to spectacular views down a valley then past an area, which has been cleared by logging. Then back into forest till you find the second turn to the right. You can drive a non 4 wheel drive down here in summer but take a 4 wheel drive if it’s wet at any time. When you get there it opens into a clearing, which has been excavated at some time. Don’t be fooled by the apparent lack of crystals on first looking. Hunt around and you’ll find them poking out of the ground. There have been some amazing finds.

Steam Winch and Boiler

If you're interested in old logging history or go on an excursion with the kids, go up the Link Road and have a look at the enormous steam winch and boiler. These were used to haul the giant trees out of the bush when cut down around the turn of the century. They are only 50 metres off the road, ask Del where to find them.

steam winch and boiler



Well we have a rope swing at Moosehead and a really big one at The Peeping Possum down the hill. Free toboggans when we have snow, just ask for them. Get Dad to take you down to the local river, there are plenty of trout if you're good enough to catch them. Watch out for Platypus, they can be seen if you're lucky. It's also fun if you bring your bike and do a bit of biking around Tanjil. We have a Pool table, Table tennis, Soccer foseball table, DVD's, Chess, Monopoly, Scrabble, a box of toys in Moosehead and Reindeer for rainy days. And guess what? No Playstation, Xbox or Computer. Believe me you won’t need it. Get out there and have some fun. See you soon.



Wonderfull sounds can sometimes be heard at nightfall from our local bagpipe player.        
Watch out for a Scotsman telling wild stories.
We have a Bush Dance once a year at no given time.  More fun than you can poke a stick at.
Watch this web sites front page for details when it happens.

For a bit more fun go to the Hall for free Pool and Table Tennis.  Sit and have a drink to in the Saloon if you like.
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Local Events & Entertainment

Not much happens at Tanjil Bren. Slowgress is the order of the day. The Queen has never been here, and I doubt if any politician has heard of the place. So lets keep it that way. The last Policeman we saw was 23 years ago. There is the Disco Dugout on Saturday nights [not really] and once a year we have this kind of golf competition on the Village green, a bit primitive but interesting and fun, good on you Gary and Peter.